Promoting clean energy to lift people out of poverty and connect them to the world

About African Clean Energy

African Clean Energy (ACE) is the producer and distributor of a cooking stove run by a solar biomass energy system. The cooking stove not only allows for smoke free cooking but it also provides access to power for light and mobile charging by an integrated power plug.

The stoves are manufactured in the ACE factory in Lesotho, and the product is ‘made in Africa’.

ACE distributes stoves in Lesotho, Uganda and Cambodia, pre-dominantly in rural areas. Thus, reaching people who are not connected to the grid. Until mid 2018, ACE has sold 55.000 units worldwide.

To enable the low-income population to purchase a stove, ACE provides consumer financing over a 9 months period. Clients find they can easily repay such loans due to their subsequent energy savings.


Worldwide, more than three billion people cook on open fires or use dirty and dangerous fuels. This has huge health implications and contributes to 4 million deaths every year. Furthermore, purchasing these fuels takes up a large portion of a household's income.

In addition to health implications, traditional open fire cooking is also responsible for environmental degradation from greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.


Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals