Unleashing the potential of autistic people through IT employment

About auticon

auticon provides access to qualified employment for people with high functioning Asperger syndrome and places them as consultants in companies in need for software testing.

auticon provides training to all its employees in recognised software testing qualification and then places them as consultants in companies e.g. in the financial or automobile sector to provide software testing services. Prior to the consulting placement, auticon instructs the teams within the companies about the special needs and character of the consultant in order to foster understanding and cooperation. It has been found, that people with Asperger syndrome work twice as fast and find five times more bugs in their work of software testing.

auticon operates in several cities in Germany as well as in France and the UK.


In Germany, there are about 245,000 people living with Asperger syndrome, out of which 122,000 are unemployed. One of the main reasons for this is that people with autism do not always follow social behavioural norms which makes it harder for them to access employment. It also means there is a huge resource of untapped talent among those.


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