Fight against deadly breast cancer while promoting the inclusion of visually impaired women

About discovering hands

discovering hands (dh) utilises the superior sense of touch of visually impaired women in the early detection of breast cancer. dh trains women to become medical tactile examiners (MTU) and then places them in various medical practices and clinics where they perform breast cancer screenings. Scientific studies verify that MTU can sense about 30% more breast tissue changes than doctors. In the same time, dh creates meaningful work for visually impaired people who are often excluded from society.

dh's services are available in several cities in Germany, where numerous health insurances cover the fees, as well as in India.


Approximately 700,000 women in Germany are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. It is one of the most common causes of death among women. Early discovery significantly improves patients' chances of survival.

About 500,000 visually impaired people live in Germany, out of which 70% are unemployed. Worldwide there are 45 million visually impaired people of whom 87% live in developing countries.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals