Transforming polluted land sides in the Benelux into healthy land with thriving communities and sustainable real estate

About Revive

Revive purchases brownfields (polluted land) in inner city locations, regenerates them and builds sustainable real estate on the land. Through its multidisciplinary approach, Revive reduces costs and increases the financial, social and environmental return.

After remediation of the land, Revive involves the neighbouring communities (often impoverished regions) into the planning process. That helps to develop thriving communities in the long term. Revive is a specialist in green building techniques and develops pure residential schemes, mixed schemes and sustainable business parks.


More than 250,000 land sites in Europe are contaminated through industrial production (e.g. in France there are about 20.000 ha) and in need of remediation. Estimates say this number will double in the future.  In addition, the ever increasing populations in cities, means that the pressure to find free land to build housing is higher than ever.


Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals