Impact Investments
Global amounts of impact investing are constantly rising. In its latest survey, GIIN reported that impact investors are currently managing assets of $228 billion globally with a CAGR of 13% over 5 years. This is today's best measure of market size. Individuals, as well as a wide range of organisations, are making impact investments across various sectors such as health, education, microfinance across the world. Most commonly, investments are made in the form of private equity, debt or mezzanine capital with the target of achieving at-market, below-market returns or capital preservation. Impact measurement is still diverse but more investors track performance according to SDGs. Below you will find a sample of social businesses and impact funds that I have worked with in the past.

Sample of Social Businesses & Impact Funds


Clean Energy in Africa & Asia

African Clean Energy: Clean cooking and access to renewable energy Read More

Inclusion of Autistic People

auticon: Employment of autistic people for software testing Read More

Housing in Nepal

abari: Sustainable housing made from bamboo & rammed earth Read More

Social Real Estate in Europe

Revive: Brownfield remediation with green & inclusive architecture Read More

Childcare in Europe

Little Bird: Online Platform for efficient allocation of childcare places Read More

Independent Media globally

Media Development Fund: Investment and capacity for independent media Read More

Healthcare in Europe

discovering hands: Jobs for blind women in the breast cancer detection Read More
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Social Businesses
Globally, we have seen a rapid rise in the establishment of social businesses. However, even within traditional business, it has also become more common to assess performance by both the bottom line as well as the social and environmental impact according to Deloitte's 2018 report. Social businesses create profit and carry an impact across different sectors such as housing, energy, agriculture and geographies. Some generate profit entirely via sales of products. Others are hybrid models. Their income model is supported by the earnings of subsidies. In order to scale up, social businesses need technical assistance and funding from financial and impact driven investors. Please find below a sample of impact investors.

Sample Impact Investors

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Emotional Intelligence
Breaking new ground in business requires a change of consciousness. Here business leaders use both heart and mind, emotion and intellect in their daily business life. This approach ensures the well-being of people, as well as the balance of social and environmental impact with profit. Emotional intelligence, originally introduced by Daniel Goleman, has gained increased relevance within traditional business environments. A recent study
showed that emotional intelligence with 58% is the strongest predictor of performance. Such emotional intelligence skills comprise a strong self-awareness and self- management, empathy and relationship skills. Please find below a few benefits gained through emotional intelligence.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence


Inner Compass to author the new

Emotional intelligence helps us to meet our true selves to then author life from the inside out versus from outside demands. It also connects us with our intuition, this is where magic starts to happen.

Resilience to survive change

Emotional intelligence supports a strong connection with ourselves and thus provides awareness about our real capacity and the confidence to claim it. This is the remedy against burn-out.

Compassion to thrive in full potential

Compassion for ourselves and the other is the fundament for any healthy relationship. It demands kindness, the recognition of our common humanity and mindfulness.
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